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Advantage Termipore

Why is Termipore Reticulation System superior to other systems of protection

  • Concealed installation
  • Easy to install
  • High thickness
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Stringent quality control
  • Long lasting
  • Consistent flow
  • Uniform micro holes throughout the pipe (50-80 per meter)
Advantage Termipore

Why Termipore?

TermiPore Pipes are made of a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomeric compound that has a specific as well as assured flow rate. The flow rate has been identified as optimum after years of trial and research. There are various ways that reticulation pipes are installed and used, and that changes from place to place. TermiPore pipe flow rate is designed so that even when the installation and use is a little different from that recommended, the termiticide will reach everywhere.

Termipore Anti Termite Reticulation System
Reticulation System
Reticulation System
with holes made /
drilled in pipe
Traditional method of
soil enahncement +
drilling holes in tiles
Preventive System

Only if soil treatement is done
Safe, without exposing residents to fumes and odour ×
Termiticide can be injected without disturbing residents ×
Can be done before construction begins Only soil treatement
Can be done after partial construction ×
Can be done after construction is over
High pipe thickness to avoid bending, compression and blocking × ×
Micro holes all along length of pipe YES. (50 to 80 holes per meter) NO. (About 3 holes in every one meter) ×
Number of holes per meter length 50 to 80 3 to 4 3 to 4
Micro holes on all sides of pipe circumference YES NO. Only one one side ×
No blocking problem due to high number of holes × ×
Flow rate carefully monitored and checked for EVERY roll by manufacturer × ×
Designed Burst Pressure of Pipe More than 30 Kg / cm2 Not known ×
RoHS compliant and tested material Not known Not known
Life of pipe 30 to 50 years 30 to 50 years No such provision
Approximate Cost in Rupees / 1000 Sq foot including Termiticide 15000 15000 5000