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TermiPore Anti-Termite Reticulation System

Look no more, fulfill your termite prevention and protection needs with TermiPore, whether you are an architect, contractor, or new property owner! Click here to get premium termite protection services.

What is Reticulation

What is Reticulation?

In simple words Reticulation is defined as an arrangement of criss-cross lines that look like a net.

Interestingly, human beings have got the inspiration of this technology, from nature. Reticulation is abundantly found in nature and the importance of reticulation on different organisms is an interesting subject! To give just a few examples

Human beings have adopted this pattern in many technologies, for example: farming, irrigation, electricity grids, water supply, hydroponics, aquaculture, etc. and now to also prevent and control termites.

How is Reticulation used in preventive anti-termite treatment?

An Anti-termite Reticulation System is an arrangement of pipes (that are specially manufactured for this purpose), in an interlacing net like pattern, to supply termiticide throughout the layout. Pipes are laid in a crisscross pattern and termiticide is injected from the outlets extended up to the specially designed junction box Click here for Installation Method

Taking a cue from nature, a network of pipes is installed underground, or below the tiles, with junction boxes at regular intervals.Termiticides are injected from the outlet extended to the junction box, usually installed on the external walls of the premises. The treatment is hassle-free, safe, quick and it does not disturb anyone present on the site. Click here for Installation Method

How Reticulation

Why is preventive Anti-termite Reticulation System preferable over other termite treatments?

Reticulation System is the most effective and efficient method to create an impenetrable barrier to stop termites from entering your property, to prevent any damage from termites, to protect property from loss and destruction due to termites and to ensure that this is done in a hassle-free manner year on year for decades. A quick glance at the table below gives an overview of different methods for termite control.

Scope Traditional Systems Reticulation System
Introduction Traditional systems of termite prevention include fogging, soil treatment, drilling holes on floor to inject chemicals, etc. These systems are mostly curative. Reticulation system is a concealed network of pipes installed underground, to inject anti termite solution. This system is preventive.
Process & Repeat Treatments For Soil Treatment, the digging process is tedious and time consuming. Fogging also needs more time. Drilling holes spoils your expensive flooring. Besides, you are also exposed to fumes in varying degrees, hence repeat treatment is often postponed and re-entry of termites is highly probable in future Reticulation System involves a simple one-time installation, with easy-to-access junction boxes that enable hassle free injection of termiticides as and when needed. This ease of repeat treatment prevents re-entry of termites in future.
Smell & toxicity In all other methods you are exposed to toxic and smelly fumes in varying degrees. As it is installed underground, there is no smell or toxicity during treatment. Termiticide injection is also possible from outside the premises.
Health & hygiene The fumes and nano particles from termite solution may not be safe and can trigger allergies. As it is installed underground, it is completely safe for kids, pets, allergic or ailing patients.
Convenience Traditional treatments are inconvenient in some way or the other. Often you are required to vacate the premises, or shift and rearrange furniture, or ensure kids and pets are away, etc Injecting termiticide is totally hassle-free. You do not need to vacate the place, stall, delay or stop your work. You can continue your routine without any inconvenience even while the treatment is on
Long term protection The inconvenience leads to delay in repeat treatments hence, the termites can re-enter easily. Convenient treatment enables hassle-free top up of termite solution every year, giving long term safety from termites.

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Fogging: Fogging is used pre-construction and also post construction in case of severe infestation.

Traditionally, different methods are in use, to control termites, such as fogging, drilling holes in the floor to inject termiticides, spraying, and soil treatment. As in other fields, there is a lot of research and development in this field too. Since some years, globally, Reticulation has fast become a more preferred option to tackle termites as it controls termites by prevention; thereby saving precious resources. Moreover, it is inexpensive, hassle free and safe too! Reticulation system is also ideal to enhance Soil Treatment as well as Fogging at foundation level. We will discuss how.

When used pre-construction, termiticide is sprayed in the foundation. It is a one-time treatment and repeat treatment is not possible in later years, once the construction is done.

If Anti-termite Reticulation System is installed at foundation level, then repeat treatment is easily possible and the site is safe from termites for decades.

The use of fogging post construction is reducing, as other methods have come in place. However, if there is severe infestation, then they resort to fogging the premises with termiticides. In this case, there is the problem of odor, toxicity, and total inconvenience when termiticide is sprayed in and around the property. The place needs to be vacated and occupants need to stay out for a few hours or may be a day. This may also trigger allergies and the toxic fumes may not be safe for kids, elders or even for pets. Furthermore, since it is so inconvenient, one may tend to delay repeat treatment for as long as possible and this may invite termites back into the property.

We recommend laying TermiPore Reticulation System at foundation and/or plinth level itself, in the pre-construction phase. Click here for Installation Options

Soil Treatment: This method is also used both before and after construction.

This is a time-consuming method that is not too easy to repeat. This treatment is used to create a barrier. Under this treatment trench is dug around the foundation or around the constructed property, the soil is treated with termiticide and the trench is then refilled.

When done pre-construction, repeat treatment is not possible in later years, once the construction is erected on that area. When done post construction, it is inconvenient, and one needs to make sure children or pets do not play around that area for a few days till the soil settles and no traces of termiticide is around. Besides, the effect of this treatment may last anywhere between 1 – 5 years, and repeat treatment is again quite a hassle.

Once again, we strongly recommend that while you are getting a trench dug, install TermiPore Pipes, create a reliable long-term barrier, and get assured effective termite treatment as and when needed without any inconvenience or hassle. The Pest Control Service Provider will easily be able to inject the termiticide chemical through the junction box and your property will be safe from termites for decades. Click here for Installation Options

Injection through tiles: Drilling process is carried out in the sides of flooring structure for effective distribution of termiticide throughout the building.

Under this method, holes are made into the tiles and then termiticide is injected into those holes. Once again, this has many hassles: clearing your calendar to schedule this treatment; shifting the furniture around, toxic smell, vacating the premises or at least keeping away the kids, elders, ailing or allergic members and, also your pets away; followed be cleaning the premises and rearranging the furniture etc.

We recommend installing TermiPore Pipes before laying the tiles. This is a simple installation done before flooring, with junction boxes to inject termites. Termiticide is injected through the junction box in a very short time, the chemical reaches all corners of the property through these concealed pipes, no chemical, odour, fumes come above ground, there is no inconvenience even while the treatment is on. Everyone can easily continue with their schedule while the service provider injects the chemicals, usually installed on the external wall! One time installation gives your property decades of safety from termites and you are saved from any loss due to termites.

With the advent of Anti-Termite Reticulation Systems and increasing awareness, more and more people now believe in installing this system as a method to prevent termites, rather than wait to notice the damage one fine day and then address the problem. This is the best example of prevention is better than cure! Click here for Installation Method , Click here for TermiPore Products.

As you can see, most traditional systems involve some inconvenience or the other; as a result, we avoid or postpone them as far as possible. This leads to behind-the-scenes destruction as the termites happily bore away our expensive property, till such time as we notice the damage and take any action. Hence, TermiPore Anti-termite Reticulation System is the stitch in time that saves nine!

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Why is Anti-Termite Reticulation System more necessary in today’s times?

RETICULATION SYSTEM is the most reliable termite prevention method; widely used globally since the last 40 years and fast catching up in India too, since some years. TermiPore Reticulation Pipes are also in use since more than 10 years.

Real-estate Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Consultants, Building Contractors, Pest Control Companies – all professionals, related to the construction industry realize the increasing need for termite control solutions. Anyone who owns any real estate property – e.g. a home, office, commercial shops, manufacturing facility, warehouse, farmhouse, godowns, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, etc. needs TermiPore Reticulation System. To ensure that your property is protected against damage due to termites, install a network of best quality TermiPore Pipes that enable easy and hassle-free termite treatment.

Just to quote some research data about termites and construction industry:

  • 90% of India is termite infested
  • 600,000 homes in USA every year are damaged due to termites
  • 180,000 homes in Australia are damaged due to termites every year
  • $10.5 trillion is where the global construction industry is projected at, by 2023!
  • $730 billion is where the Indian construction industry is projected at, by 2022!
  • Indian construction market is estimated to be the 3rd largest globally, by 2025!
How does this information link with Anti Termite Reticulation?

Well, with so much construction happening all around, more and more clusters of residential properties, commercial and industrial properties, and smart cities will crop up everywhere. This is bound to lead to increased probabilities of termite infestation, given that most regions are already prone to being infected by termites.

It is a myth to think that termites – also known as ‘silent destroyers’ occur only in old constructions! Termites cannot and do not discern between the age of the property. They set up colonies and multiply where they find food. More the construction, higher the probability of termite growth. Even if you currently do not have termites on your property, they could soon reach your property from any surrounding neighborhood properties. It makes very sound financial sense to ensure a system to prevent termites, given that:

  • Termites multiply rapidly and exist in thousands
  • Termites can make way into your property even through the tiniest of cracks – even as small as 1/30th of an inch!
  • There could be multiple termite colonies/satellite colonies in an acre of land and termites can travel up to 70 meters. Destroying one colony for now is not a definite solution for future prevention and protection
  • Termites forage for food very discreetly and they do not sleep! They are active 24/7! One knows of infestation only after a lot of irreparable damage is already done!
  • Sky rocketing cost of construction; interiors and repairs!
To know a little more about termites, there are thousands of species of termites all over the world. Broadly they can be divided in the following categories:
  1. Subterranean termites: They live underground in loose moist soil and they also make their way above ground by creating mud tunnels from saliva, mud and faeces.
  2. Drywood Termites: They make their colonies in wooden structures and they feed on those structures. They can enter through wooden furniture or make their way in through the floor or walls of your property.
  3. Dampwood Termites: Wood that is in regularly in direct contact with water is prone to get infested with this type of termites. Very cleverly these termites leave no trail of their presence, by closing the entry points with their faeces, once again making it very difficult to detect them before they cause irreparable damage.
  4. Farmosan Termites: Also known as ‘super termites’ these are flying termites and the most destructive amongst termites. They cause the most damage to a structure and furniture. If you notice piles of shed wings, you can be sure of their dreaded presence in your premises!

Given these and many more such related reasons, it is makes absolute sense to install an anti-termite solution that ensures a long term and highly effective solution to prevent termites year on year, in an easy and hassle free method. The best solution to achieve termite-free real estate is to Install TermiPore Reticulation System.

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More and more property owners and professionals in the real estate and pest control industry have already started adopting Anti-termite Reticulation System and it is fast becoming the preferred option of all those looking for a long term, hassle free, effective, and inexpensive termite prevention method.

Over years, TermiPore has constantly worked closely with its clients and based on the valuable feedback of our clients; over years we have conducted a lot of research to implement the necessary changes to our products to improve the efficacy and viability of TermiPore Pipes under different geographical and weather conditions. Click here for more details on TermiPore Products

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