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TermiPore Products

Our products today are amongst the best in the industry because we have a strong culture of Research & Development and stringent Quality Control.

In use since more than a decade, TermiPore Pipe is a product of intense research and trials, with feedback from our esteemed, long-term clients in the business of pest control and construction. Our design and material compound hold the test of time and are the best suited in different weather and geographical conditions.

TermiPore offers the entire range of products and accessories needed for a complete installation of the reticulation system.

  TP095145 TP125175 TP125195
Inside and outside diameter 9.5 x 14.5 mm 12.5 x 17.5 mm 12.5 x 19.5 mm
Marking Line Orange Green Red
Suitable for Where there is low space between floor and tile Suitable for all areas Where high consistency of flow is required
Used by customers For low budget projects Most popular. Premium product
Remarks Low diameter pipe for medium flow rate over longer distance Standard size with uniform flow rate good thickness for weight support Higher thickness, more weight bearing capacity and more uniform flow along length of pipe
Micro Hole Density per mtr length 40 to 70 50 to 80 60 to 100
flow per mtr per hour at pressure 0.25 Kg/ cm2 6 to 10 ltr 8 to 12 ltr 8 to 12 ltr
Length of Roll 125 mtr / 400 ft 125 mtr / 400 ft 125 mtr / 400 ft